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5-Star Review on Yelp!

Video Symphony
Last updated 2 years ago

5-Star Review on Yelp!

Video Symphony
Last updated 2 years ago

"...if you know editing is your thing, then this is the best school for you."

Video Symphony
Last updated 2 years ago

  • on Yelp
  • I am graduating next month from the Avid TV and Film Certification Program and I feel it was a great decision to attend the school. I had been a self taught editor up until that point, and had recently made the move out to LA. Deciding that I needed a more formal education, I discovered VS. I read a lot of the reviews online and despite the negative comments, decided to take my chances. I could not be happier with that decision.
    What I've discovered is that the majority of the people posting negative reviews are the ones who went to the school expecting not to put in any effort during the program.  I have sadly seen a lot of these types of students, and it is extremely obvious of who is actually putting in the time to practice and who is just trying to slide by.
    The teachers are very passionate about their craft and will also tell you about their real life experiences that you cannot learn from books or online tutorials. I've learned plenty from the mistakes they made when they were starting out, and in turn that will allow me to avoid those mistakes.
    All of the teachers have different teaching styles (some are more hands on while others are more lecture based), but you are always allowed to retake classes if you want to learn the same topic from a different point of view. I love that we screen and critique all of our work because it really shows how editing is not just button pushing. Even with the same footage, if you have 10 editors you will have 10 totally unique cuts. I always notice something I would never have thought of in each persons cut, and that inspires me to think more outside of the box for my future projects. It also gives you a safe environment to make mistakes and to learn from them.
    When it comes to job placement, you can't just expect to sit back and let the school hand you a fantastic job. They teach you everything you need to know to network and present a professional attitude while interviewing and working. They teach you how to find jobs and how to apply in a way that will make you shine. If you don't network then you won't get anywhere. Use the opportunities like pizza and post every month and other networking events the school hosts to your advantage. You never know who you will meet that could help you out in the future.
    If you are unsure about what you want to do in the industry but think editing is just fast easy money, then you will be in for some harsh realities. It takes a lot of time and practice to really master the software, and even more to master the art. In the real world, be prepared to work 10-14 hour days with crazy deadlines. If you are not 100% set on being an editor but know you want to work in the industry, then  I would recommend going to a film school that covers every aspect of filmmaking instead. However, if you know editing is your thing, then this is the best school for you.
    Emily M.

New 5-Star Review on Yelp!

Video Symphony
Last updated 2 years ago

  • on Yelp
  • Demetrious hit the nail on the head with his statement, "Video Symphony is very much what you make of it."

    If you strongly feel that you want a career in post-production, getting your foot in the door may be the most difficult thing you do.  You need the experience to get the job, but you can't get the experience until you get the job.  It's a catch 22 in this industry.

    I attended VS after completing my B.A. in Film & Media Studies at UC Irvine.  I spent 4 months after college trying to get any job in the industry.  A PA gig, any random 1-2 day  editing gigs, I even interviewed for a position to hold a boom mic 50 hours a week for $450 a week.  It was tough.  Then a friend of mine working as an editor in television told me that he got his start by attending VS in 2007.  I looked into it and it seemed to be EXACTLY what I was looking for.  I knew that I would have a blast taking the courses and getting to do post-specific work, but then there was the tuition.  I have to admit, it was scary committing that much money when I felt it was nearly impossible to get a job in the industry.  I figured, what other options do I have?  At least I'll have fun and I'll give it my best shot and if it doesn't work out, well, I didn't want to think about that haha.

    I enrolled in Sept. 2009.  Just as I expected, my classes were very fun.  I was finally learning the proper way to used Avid and FCP.  Before this, I was self taught, so while I knew my way around a bit, I was fascinated at how much better the software was when you know the proper way to use it!  There were some fellow students that slowly dropped out because they found that they were not as passionate about editing as they had thought.  If you drop out early enough, you can get a decent amount of money back.  You can also audit a class or two before committing to the year long curriculum.  If you are passionate about editing or assistant editing, then I guarantee you that you will enjoy your classes.

    August 2010 came around and it was time to graduate.  A total of 8 out of the original 12 in our cohort made it to the end.  All those who didn't were voluntary dropouts.  Now, it was time to get a job.

    Getting a job is still not "easy" even after the completion of VS.  One new attribute that I possessed this time around was total confidence.  I had been using Avid so much in the past year, I felt I could take on any job.  (While that may not have been the case, I still felt that way haha).  I took whatever paying gigs I could get.  Some were $80 a day for a couple days, others were flat rate gigs where I found myself working WAY too much for the flat rate that I was being given, but now I had the proper skills to get these little jobs which was giving me the experience that I needed.  I was not thrilled about any of them because they are stressful and for not much pay, but I did what I had to do.  Finally through a job lead from Barbara, I got a job as an AE at a PBS station out in the Inland Empire.  I took it, regardless of the rediculously long commute, and that job finally got myself in a position to move up in the post production world.  I worked there until I got my first reality TV AE gig and the saying "work begets work" is completely true.  If you are good, one job will lead to the next, will lead to the next.  Now I am working on a scripted Union show and couldn't be happier and I can guarantee you that I would not be in this position had I never attended VS.

    The people on here posting about their horrible experiences, while some of their distaste for the school my be true, it sounds as though they let that get to them too much and let it ruin their experience.  It sounds as though they were expecting the Union gig right out of school.  That just isn't going to happen now matter how good you are.  Everyone has to pay their dues and the fact unfortunately is, employers DON'T view school as "experience" even though at VS, it really is.  Everyone has to pay their dues, even VS students who are in debt, but if you do pay your dues, then you will be handsomely rewarded not only financially, but you'll get to go into work each day, loving what you do.

    If you are researching the school, I hope this helps.

    Matt H.

"I had such a great experience at Video Symphony. Better than college..." - 5-Star Review on Yelp!

Video Symphony
Last updated 2 years ago

  • on Yelp
  • I had such a great experience at Video Symphony. Better than college and A LOT cheaper! I recently wrote this email to my professors and job placement advisors thanking them, because without them I wouldn't be working at BET and doing what I love.

    "Hello All,

    I would like to take a moment out of all our busy schedules and let you know what an intricate part you played in furthering my career. After attending CSULA for 4 years and getting nowhere after graduation, I was feeling a little disheartened that I'd never "make it." After being introduced to your school, I quickly found that my passion was in Post. You showed me that.

    Now, it's been 3 years since I started at Video Symphony and each of you have taught me things that have melded together so wonderfully to make me a true post production professional. I can now say I understand the pressures and hard work that are involved in Post, whether its from technical applications, capturing the essence of a story or getting my foot in the door, I have sucked it all up like a sponge and it has furthered me in ways I could only imagine!

    I couldn't have possibly understood the inner workings of this world without your help. You have given a new dimension to teaching (because you are all teachers) with your innovative ways of making the difficult concepts easy to understand for anyone. I have enjoyed every lecture, piece of advice, and moment spent at Video Symphony. You were the reason for my attending school every day. I have a lot left to do, and a lot left to achieve, but I want you to know you have opened the doors, windows, you name it, and made it all possible for me.

    Once again I would like to extend a warm thanks to you for all the superb work you have done for me (and countless others) and from the bottom of my heart, I wish you all luck in your future endeavors.


    Diandra Luzon"

    Diandra L.

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