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Creating the Voices, Sounds, and Music for Video Games

Last updated 2 years ago

In the past, video game music and sounds were simply chiptunes, or synthesized electronic music produced with the sound chips of vintage computers. Today, post-production editors use advanced voice and sound capturing tools to create dramatic, captivating, and realistic soundscapes that are just as important to a video game as level and character design. Read on to learn how post-production sound editors and engineers create the voices and sounds for today’s best and biggest video games:

  • Capture Dialogue Using Voice Actors
    Once the over-arching structure and narrative of a video game is safely locked down, it’s time to bring in professional voice actors to bring the characters to life. Using advanced digital audio recording and editing software such as Avid’s Pro Tools, an audio engineer will capture the actor’s performance and sync it with the in-game animations.
  • Work With Foley Artists on a Soundstage
    While most of the sounds needed to complete a video game can be generated using computers and advanced audio software, some in-game sounds will require the skill of a professional Foley artist. It is the job of the audio engineer to capture the sounds created by the Foley artist in the studio or on a soundstage and then place them in the video game at the appropriate moments.
  • Arrange a Musical Score to Fit the Game
    Depending on the size and scope of a video game, the production team may decide to bring in a professional composer to create the game’s score. An audio engineer is then responsible for capturing the orchestral performance using advanced computers and digital audio recording software and arranging the music to fit the mood and tone of the video game.

At the heart of almost every professionally-produced video game are post-production editors and audio engineers. These highly skilled men and women are responsible for bringing a game to life with voices, sounds, and music. Video Symphony can provide you with the training and skills necessary to work in the video game industry as a Pro Tools-certified audio engineer. To learn more about our audio engineering program, contact us online or call (818) 557-7200.


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